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Family Doctors Medical Center is a medical facility in Costa Adeje that offers health care covered by all kinds of travel insurance. Located in Costa Adeje, our aim is to offer personalized and flexible medical assistance. We serve visitors, Spaniards and foreigners, who are temporary residents or on vacation in Southern Tenerife.

It is important that, after planning a trip, you take into account the problems that may arise before and during your stay abroad. Many minor issues can arise, or you may even suffer from a health problem. Thus, the services of a private medical center are essential to address these issues.




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Physical Examinations

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Medical assistance under travel coverage

If you get sick when on a trip to an unfamiliar country, receiving fast, high-quality health care is essential. Wherever you are, having a good private medical clinic guarantees you effective medical protection, should you suffer anything from a cold to a serious injury.

At Family Doctors Medical Center Costa Adeje we provide general medicine, nursing, blood work and physical examinations. And, if you cannot travel, our service also includes hotel and house calls. 

At our center we also provide a well-being and health prevention service, as early detection of any anomaly that could pose a threat to your health is a priority for us.

What if you don't understand what the doctor is trying to tell you? There is no need to worry, as we will provide you with an interpreter so that you can understand your diagnosis. We speak Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Catalan, and can even provide you with a Russian interpreter, if necessary.

We strive to dedicate to each patient the time they need, always with personalized attention. We have an expert medical team. Visit us and see for yourself!

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